Dorney Lake 3km Swim

Dorney Lake 3km Swim

Monday 25th May, 2015
Weather: Wet, Windy
68.8F / 16C
Total Time = 00:51:48
Overall Rank = 45/224
Age Group Rank = 4/22

A prolonged knee injury resulted in a wrecked pre-season, a cancelled training camp and a cancelled race season. This meant a refocus on swimming to ensure some motivation in 2015 to keep some kind of fitness whilst rehabbing my knee. First swim race was at the legendary Dorney Lake that hosted the Rowing and Kayak Events during the Olympics and Paralympic Games for London 2012.

With it being the first race of the season I simply wanted a marker to see where I was standing and main aim was to keep swim time under 55mins. With 4 loops of 750m each to be swam it looked simple enough, but at the same time I had the pleasure of trying out the BlueSeventy Helix 2015 model for the first time. Reminder in the future to test before a race.

I placed myself further to the starting front to try and push myself as much as I could, and see if I could keep up with the front pack. This was quickly thrown out of the window within the first 300m, as their pace was to high and my new wetsuit although feeling great initially, felt a little restraining after the start. Now it was simply to keep to my own pace, forget about drafting and follow the line. Yes I could have done better and tried harder, but as this was simply a pace checking race, I just want to finish the race. Swimming 3km in the pool seems a lot easier than swimming a few loops in Dorney Lake. Race done in 52mins, so within my own time requirement.

For anybody wanting to try Openwater Swimming in a secure race setting, than this is a great race with distances starting from 750m up to 10km.