Great London Swim

Henley Classic Swim

Saturday 18th July, 2015
Weather: Sunny
66.8F / 19C
Total Time = 00:27:07
Overall Rank = 55

The Great London Swim incorporated a single loop of 1.6km in the London Docks. The swim itself is designed for first timers, with a lot of safety  boats and support and general good feelings floating about to make everybody as relaxed as possible. I signed up relative late, as I was looking for another swim to do, and this looked like a good morning day out. The visibility on the course is first class, even though the water did get a little choppy at the end, and the current pushing me a little wide, with my watch telling me that I swam 1.9km overall. Either way this was a great swim with a decent time, and a good workout. Highly recommend it for anybody based in London.