IRONMAN 70.3 Mallorca Review


Ironman 70.3 Mallorca

Saturday 10th May, 2014
Weather: Hot, Humid
78.8F / 28C
Total Time = 05:13:54
Overall Rank = 699 / 2944
Division Rank = 127 / 438

Race plans don’t always go to plan; something everybody learns along the way. However there do come the days when race plans simply work perfectly. This race was one of those days were pretty much everything was working spot on. My race was simple; stick to your own race and don’t get pulled into racing everybody that comes past. Aim was sub 05:30, and if everything works perfectly, then a 05:15 might be possible.

It all comes down to the laying the correct foundation. My training plans & advice comes from Will Newbery from 9Endurance Coaching. But my nutrition advice comes from my partner Yolanda who is a Health Coach, and who knows a lot more about nutrition than myself. She has finally managed to move me away from low carb diet to a high carb diet two weeks out from the race. This meant more pasta and rice, and suddenly my energy levels have gone up, instead off always having sugar cravings and energy lows. It is all in the correct fueling.

With an early 6am start and an only lightly nervous stomach I managed to eat almost 2 large bows of musli & one 500ml of X-Nutrio Enduring Fuel. After finalizing my bike, a brief sprint back to the hotel to use the bathroom and I was ready for the swim start at 8.15am. A quick zipping up of my Blue Seventy Helix Wetsuit and off I was to the race start.

Start – Positioned myself in 4th row back to the left, which was almost perfect. Go……

50m – Keeping left to stay clear of main swimmers

100m – Finally some clear space to simply swim. No drafting possible or needed

300m – First buoy and going strong, with heart rate finally coming down from the race start

500m – Swimmers are getting more spread out and I move closer to the buoys to swim as straight as possible

700m – Starting to overtake previous wave starters & great little confidence boost

800m – First turn easily done and feeling good.

1200m – More feet appear in my face from previous wave start. Need to be a little careful not to get kicked in the face

1400m – Getting a little bored now, seems to be never-ending

1700m – Last buoy, almost home dry and still feeling strong

1900m – Out of the water, slightly heavy legs, with time at 28:49. Result


Mallorca 70.3 has one of the longest transition zones, but the run to it from the beach is lined with supporters that help in getting my legs moving. Only slight issue of getting out of the wetsuit. Need to work a little on that.

Transition – Helmet on, race belt on, Oakley’s on …. now where is my bike

600m – It took me around 600m to get into my cycling shoes, with one unclipping whilst not being in the shoe properly. Close call as I almost crash into another cyclist

1km – Yolanda my partner is waving like crazy and taking photos. Great support and loving every second of it

10km – Passing a lot of cyclist, and being passed by a few, but sticking to my 220-240Watts plan

15km – The first incline in the race, dial back the pace slightly and just staying aero

22km – The climbing starts. 14km of climbing to go so dialing back the speed further with high cadence. 32 Cassette on the back to ensure that I can protect my legs.

26km – Pace is good, just keeping head down and spinning my legs. Watts are a little high, but I know I can sustain the speed and cadence. Still overtaking others, but having a lot of stronger cyclists overtake me. Something to keep in mind in future training sessions.

27.7 – Incline increases slightly, but I know I can do this. Done the training, got the right gear, so no stopping

30km – Finally a flat bit, give legs a short recovery, as some climbing still to come

36km – Made it to the top. Slow yes, but steady. Now the fun begins…

43km – Loving the descent with some sharp cornering, almost loosing control of my bike in one. Close shave with the tarmac

50km – Its pretty much all flat from here onwards, so time to put the hammer down and catch up some time

65km – Last brief climb into Muro and feeling strong

75km – 15km of flat road ahead with a little wind behind, now this is fun!

88km – Brief moment of sick feeling, but it passes

90km – Arrival in Transition Zone, bike time just 2hrs 47min. Almost perfect with 2hrs 45min having been the aim.



Transition Bike to Run was a little slow, don’t know why I did not run through transition, but it happens. Socks on, Shoes on, Visor on and quick toilette stop and four minutes later I m out on the run.

1km – Legs feeling a little unsteady with 1st Aid Station with fresh water giving the required boost to wake up.

2km – Massive cheer when I see my better half Yolanda.

4km – Need to find good pacer to run off. Ah perfect a lady to follow. Feel like a stalker

6km – Legs feeling rather heavy so I pop a gel and legs are finally saying yes to my commands

7km – One lap down, two to go and feeling strong

10km – Running a few meters with Paul from Serpentine Tri Club. Looks like he is in pain and I try to encourage him a little. Hope is stays strong

17km – Thinking that I m home dry, so legs slow down. Mental issue, need to push onwards.

19km – Time to pick up some speed again. 2km to go, so nothing to lose by raising the heart rate a little

20.5km – Speed up some more to look fast when I m finishing. Have to look good afterall.

Finish Line – Solid Time of 01:49:09 and feel like I could continue running




thystride_mallorca70.3_review_medalFinal Total Time was 05:13:54, which is 27mins faster than my last 70.3 attempt, albeit on a different course. Massive thank you goes to Yolanda my partner who looked after me before, during and after the race and who ensured that my body did not crash after. Additional thanks goes out to Will Newbery from 9Endurance Coaching.

What is next? Ironman 70.3 UK in five week