Nautica Malibu International Triathlon


Nautica Malibu International Triathlon

Sunday 13th September, 2014
Weather: Sunny, Very Humid
85F / 29C
Total Time = 02:25:22
Overall Rank = 42/1213
Division Rank = 9/130

The Nautica Malibu International Triathlon (1.5Km Swim, 40km Cycle, 10m Run) was one of the races that in 2013 I was registered for but then did not start due to water anxiety! This was a common theme for me in 2013, so 2014 I promised myself that I would do better. The race itself was two weeks out from my first IRONMAN Race, so it was not thought of as a race but more of making sure everything is working, such as swim position, transition, nutrition and generally having some fun. The race itself is in Malibu and probably has one of the most scenic courses out there, and it being in the USA it also has some of the most friendliest people participating. One new experience was that before the race start the National Anthem was sung, and although not being American myself, you could see how proud the other participants were of their anthem!

Start – Positioned myself in the second row to the left. Almost clear shot to the water

100M – First Turn to swim along the beachline. Found person to draft and pace off

500M – Just swimming along and feeling great.

600M – Slight Issue with the current and being pushed wide

1000M – Still easy going and still using other swimmer to pace

1200m – Noticed that I m way of course. Lesson learned thatdrafting and pacing are great, but ensure the other swimmer knows where he is going

1500m – Heading back towards the beach and currents are a killer, with me having to work extra hard as I m being pushed left of the exist

1780m – Out of the water, overswam the course. Time of 27:44


With a relative short transition, and with me only needing my helmet and racebelt, transition turned out to be super fast. Still need to learn how to run quicker with a wetsuit! And I almost ran past my bike!

200m – Out of transition and trying to get into my cycling shoes on the bike, with one velcrostrap not properly done. Lesson learned that I need to position shoes properly on the bike

500m – Was overtaken by 6 triathletes whilst trying to sort out shoes. Time get some speed on

5km – The first few kms I took it easy and used a pacer in front of me, thinking I should just stay there for the race as he was going a nice easy speed.

6km – Wanted to go a little faster, and decided to overtake and put the foot down, afterall its only 40km

15km – Cruising along at avg speed of 36km/h. Legs feeling great, with only a bit of climbing

35km – Taking one gel to get ready for the run, and slightly easing of the speed to ensure legs are okay for the cycle.

40km – Arrival in Transition Zone, quick dismount and bike time of 01:04:55. I take that time any day!


Transition was again very relaxed but quick and off I was for the run. Plan was to run at Marathon Speed, aka 5:30min/km, but that pace felt a little slow at the time with everybody around me running 04:30min/km

2km – Pace is a nice 05:00min/km

5km – Ensuring I take enough water on board at the feed zones

7km – Am being overtaken by a few runners, but am telling myself not to go any faster

10km – And there is the finish line! Quick Stumble coming around the corner, and final run time is 47:57. I take that!




Final Total Time was 02:25:23, which is over 20mins faster than my last attempt at an Olympic Distance from two years ago, and at the time that was flat course as well. Massive thank you goes to Yolanda my partner who supports my triathlon hobby with kind words and trying to ensure that I don’t eat to much choclate! Additional thanks goes out to Will Newbery my coach from 9Endurance Coaching who constantly has to deal with me changing my training!

What is next? Ironman Mallorca in three week.