Race Preview – Oldenburg Bären Triathlon ’13

Three days until my 1-year anniversary of my first ever triathlon event, the Oldenburg Bären Triathlon, and what better way to celebrate then to do the same race once more. Especially when last years race was all about getting to the starting line, somehow completing the race, and taking it as a learning curve event. Last years times at the Oldenburger Baeren Triathlon Olympic Distance were Swim 00:29:37, Bike 01:14:19, Run 01:03:48, for a total of 02:47:58; then this year I was looking for an improvement all round. The course is exactly the same, so I know what to expect, with the aim of not getting a panic attack in the swim leg, doing well, correct nutrition and running a little faster. So all in all it should be manageable.

The swim leg is the part I m always most scared off, and the plan for this year is not to panic and simply do what I’ve been doing in swim training all year round.  Aim is for sub-25min, and to start to the left front, which should hopefully give me some clear water, without having the faster swimmers running me down.  Just thinking about this raises my heart rate significantly. The bike section itself is a 3x13km loop, and is completely flat, with only two mini climbs of around 60m lengths, with a grade that is minimal. Aim is to pace myself and go sub 1hr10min, and not try and race everybody. Last year my energy levels dropped at the 32km mark, and this was mainly due to lack of nutrition on the bike. This year hopefully my nutrition plan is spot on. My biggest failure last year was my running; call it a lack of training, lack of brick session, or simply because I started the run mentally weak. It took me 63mins last year, and I needed to be paced around by a gentleman who looked like he was out for an easy stroll, whilst I was huffing and slowly dying inside.  The run course is a 4 Lap course, so pacing should be easier with the aim of going sub 50mins.

If my plan works then I get to around 02:25:00, which would be a massive 22mins improvement on last year. Is it possible? Sure it is, but all depends on the day. Just have to keep in mind to race my own race and enjoy the journey that started 12 months ago.