Quer durchs Meer Swim, Germany


Quer durchs Meer

Sunday 23rd August, 2014
Weather: Dry
64.4F / 18C
Total Time = 00:55:00
Overall Rank = 14/219
Division Rank = N/A

In the Run up to Ironman Mallorca in September a longer open water swim was required. So what better than to enter a swim only event to test myself under a more competitive environment than my usual pool routine. The Quer durchs Meer race is in Bad Zwischenahn, Germany and is a 3.3km point to point swim, in short, a swim across a relative wide lake. With the swim being point to point and the start point being at the opposite side of the lake of where the finish was, a ferry was organized for the 219 swimmers. This included a few swimmers who train in the same pool as myself, and this helped in calming my open water nerves, as I knew that I could keep up with them in the pool, and occasionally out-swim them. From the simple point if they can do this, then so can I!

The start was a rather civilized affair with the majority of the swimmers already being in the water, and some still waiting on the beach with the water temperature being a rather chilly 17degrees Celsius. I positioned myself in the front row, not basing it on that I could win, but on the fact that I would be one of the faster ones, and I did not want to have to swim through a mass of swimmers.  Upon the the start shout, I just went for it. Call it swimming without racing and without caring what would happen. I was swimming in my own bubble, with no drafting and nobody in my immediate surroundings. Part of me did not want to draft, as I just needed to prove to myself that I could swim these 3.3km nonstop. With every buoy being at the 500m intervals, it became a simple  sessions of swimming and sighting! The first 1500m went by in no time, and once I hit that mark I knew that I was at the point of no return. A good feeling indeed. I did get slightly tired towards the last 1000 with myself drifting to left of the course, and not keeping a proper sighting effort, but eventually the finish line was in sight. One last effort there I was.

3.3km in 55mins. Not the fastest I have ever swam, but it was the longest open water swim I have done. Bonus point was that I finished 14th overall. The winning time was 41mins, but he used to swim for the German National Team. So I think I did okay.