Quer durchs Meer Swim, Germany

Saturday 22nd August, 2015
Weather: Sunny
66.8F / 19C
Total Time = 00:51:31
Overall Rank = 23/297

Last year this was my first open water swim race with a time of 55mins. This year I thought I do a little better, and swim a little straighter. Race this time was quite straightforward with not being nervous or having to many pre-thoughts before the Race. Simply got in, warmed up, and then just followed the yellow buyos across the lake. Got a little tired towards then end, and I know that I can swim a little quicker. But with just under 52mins, meant that I was three minutes faster than last year. And that is with 8 kilos extra on me for that added warmth and buoyancy.  Will be doing this again next year.