Adidas Adizero Adios Boost

The new Adidas Boost System has seen a lot of hype since their launch announcement of the initial Adistar Boost Model. The new technology offered supposedly endless energy return, yet their launch model suffers in the design compartment that ranges from 60s throwback to army boots.

As if on cue, the Adidas Adizero Boost arrives; a lightweight-racing shoe that looks like a racer and does not suffer in the fashion stakes. It features a supportive sprint web upper, seemless upper and a continental rubber sole that gives maximum grip on road surfaces. A trainer that is good enough for longer distances, but excels on distances up to a Half-Marathon. Most importantly its toe area is slightly wider than Adidas other Adizero models; this gives my toes space to spread out and allows a more natural landing, something which I prefer. Shoe sizing is different as well, with myself wearing a UK11.5 in them, and I normally where a UK11. My suggestion is to size up half size to ensure a good fit. In addition the heel to toe drop is 10mm.

My first impression on my feet was that the fit was like a glove and with no initial irritation spots inside the trainers when walking around. I don’t tend to run trainers in, and in the past 10days have covered 62km (Recovery, Sprint Work, Interval Runs) with them on multiple types of terrain, ranging from Road, Dirt Trail and Gravel Path. My run impression was that yes they felt good, and my run split times were consistent, however they did not make me go much faster and most importantly where was the Boost Technology, with myself feeling no difference running in these that to a standard Adidas Adizero. This can possibly be down to the fact that I m not a heel striker and my weight being 85kilos, and I feel that to get the maximum out of the Adidas Boost System, one is required to heel-strike. Landing on the forefoot area these trainers felt good and fast, but no springy feel comes to mind.

The Adidas Adizero Boost trainer is great option for a lightweight racer for training and most race distances up to a Marathon. It slightly wider toe box and a 10mm heel-to-drop in combination with its light-weight will ensure that it attract plenty of willing runners. Just don’t purchase it for its Boost Technology alone, as it depends on what type of runner you are to gain maximum benefit from it. For me as a fore-to-midfoot runner, I see no benefits from it.