ASSOS iG.falkenZahn Gilet

Some mornings you wish for a warmer gilet, something keep the chill at bay for longer, but retain the flexibility of a jersey like feel. Yet most gilets or vests are made out of thin windproof material that only provide the minimum protection against wind-chill and light rain.

The Assos iG.falkenZahn gilet provides the perfect balance for something warmer, yet light enough for some either fast paced cycling or endurance rides. It features standard sized pockets on the back that take your usual assortment goods, and the gilet is made out of fleeced like matrial to ensure enough warmth. It is made out of a high stretch foil called RXQ, which is an active breathable, two way stretch, soft touch, microfiber insulator fabric. In short it kees you warm, without overheating. Perfect for mild to cold conditions when a long sleeve winter jersey might be a little to much.

Yes, sure it is expensive for a gilet, yes it not something you can pack into your jersey pocket and it could have a windproof layer at the front. But for me it ticks all the right boxes. It is the perfect gilet for when its cold, but you don’t want to wear a long sleeve winter jersey or a jacket. Its temperature versatility and great pocket sizes means its my go to gilet for the majority of Autumn/Winter/Spring period.

If your planning to wear a vest all day, then this is the one. Just look elsewhere if you need something more packable or little less expensive.