BarFly TT Mount by Tate Labs

The BarFly TT Mount by Tate Labs seemed to fit the requirement for a simple, yet elegant low profile mount for an Garmin Edge 500 between your aero-bars. Its understated looks and light weight of 16gr an added bonus.

The mount is made of simple plastic material that does not damage your alloy/carbon extensions, and which is flexible enough on one end to flex around your bar to clamp down with a single bolt. The grooves in the mount of the Barfly TT won’t damage your Garmin, and it has slight ribbles within the groove to ensure a tight fit. I have had no issues over a test period of 1200km with the neither the BarFly TT loosening or my Garmin Edge 500 coming loose during a ride.

My only concern is that depending on what setup you run between your aerobars, that a 750ml Bottle would potentially obscure the view of the mount. With a smaller 500ml bottle the viewpoint is perfect. A solution of course would be the mount the Barfly TT higher up, but this might not always be possible, depending your angle of aero-bars and their length.

Additionally the price of around £37 is not necessarily cheap for a simple accessory, however the benefit of it outweighs its price in my case.