Lightweight Meilenstein Clincher

With any new wheels there comes the moment your either impressed or feel no differences to your previous wheelset. The Lightweight Meilenstein Clinchers were my upgrade from a set of Enve 3.4 SES Clinchers, a wheelset that was ticking the majority of what I liked in a wheel. Yet something was missing in my 3.4; most noticeably a pure punchiness and a complete lack of flexness.

The Lightweight Meileinstein Clinchers are in short more than just a step up, with them being the most direct and responsive wheels I have ever ridden. In my first 1000km I have found a set of wheels that are simply exceptional with their power transfer and direct feel being way beyond anything else on the market. What makes the Meilenstein truly special is their extreme Lightness combined with their lateral stiffness being simply exceptional. Their weight lies at 475gr front, 625gr rear and them being 47.5gr deep and 20mm wide. The wheels stiffness ensures no noticeable flex when cornering or sprinting and gives a sense of security when speeding downhill. a definite bonus with myself never been the most confident descender. Their latest update ensures the rim to stay at a lower temperature, which is good for the brakepads, brake performance, and the wheels integrity fullstop. Always good to know when descending any hills at high speed.

Lightweight does advise to register your wheels on their website withing 5 days of purchase. This is to help you with their crash replacement program, and can result in up to 30% off a replacement wheel. This registering is not free of charge. Additionally the wheels do come with Lightweights own branded brake pads, their steel quick-release levers, plastic tire levers, and a double wheel bag to protect wheels when travelling with them.

The Lightweight Meilenstein Clincher Wheelset are the gold standard for an all-round set of racing wheels. Their ground-breaking design mold have resulted in a super strong, stiff and aero wheel set that is simply miles above their respective peers. For me there are not just simply a luxury wheelset, but my go to wheels to be used in every instance. They are simply to good to be kept at home.