New Balance 1400V1

The New Balance 1400V1 is one of my favorite racing shoe, so much so, that I ordered a new pair before the first trainers mileage was done. Just in case I could not get another pair. The NB1400V1 x 2 has carried me through 800km, including a marathon, marathon training and the run leg of South Africa 70.3. It has been the longest survivor in my trainer cupboard.

The NB1400V1 is billed as a racing flat, but comes with a more traditional 10mm heel drop, yet manages to feel like a much lower race profile shoe. I find this model to be a perfect entry to the racing-flat shoe for anybody who comes from relative cushioned trainer.  Lightweight, fast with a bit of cushioning to ensure your feet and calves won’t kill you in the morning. Additionally on longer runs we all know that our running technique can suffer at the end when tiredness sets in, and the NB1400V1 still includes enough heel cushioning to absorb the occasional heel strike.  It also features a no-sew welded seam to ensure no abrasions, and making sockless running a nice option. I don’t tend to run without socks, as the shelf life of my trainers would be significantly shorted due to the smell my feet would create.

However it is to note that these trainers are designed to be light, and consequently not or runners looking for extra cushioning or in need of a supportive shoe. Also if you are a natural heel striker, as the heel although being slightly cushioned it would not be enough to absorb a continuous pounding. The fit is also like most New Balance models more on the narrow part, so if you have wide feet than you might struggle with this model. New Balance do not offer a wider option for this line. And for those after the pure-running feeling, then these shoes will disappoint, that although they are lightweight and racy, its cushioning ensures a slight lack of ground feel. My only personnel issue was the shelve-life of the shoe, with me having to replace my first pair after around 400km, due to the sole starting to crack, but this could be down to me being a relative heavier footed runner.

In my book the 1400V1 have performed flawlessly for me, and I could not find a faulty that directly affected myself, and my running style. It is lightweight enough for racing, interval training and marathon training. If your looking for a shoe that is light and flexible, and fast, but still with an easy response and light road cushioning, then the New Balance 1400V1 would be a fantastic option.