Los Angeles – Perfect for Sports

Los Angeles is the city that is almost to perfect for any sport enthusiast. It is a dynamic city that is evolving on a constant basis, and always expanding its sporting possibilities. In short a city where you can explore for days on end, and always find something to satisfy your sporting thirst. For me my short trip to Los Angeles only involved three sports; Swimming, Cycling and Running.



Like most American City’s, there is a pool on almost every corner and they are relative easy to find. Either through the area’s municipal websites or via an online guide courtesy of Swimmersguide, a website that is crowd-sourced and has a library of pools around the world. With myself staying in Century City, I choose a pool that was 15min drive away in Culver City. I think most of us can dream of having a 50m pool only 15mins away. The Culver City Municipal Pool is a swimmers dream with it being open all day with Lane Swimming most of the day, and easy parking. Lanes are divided into club swims, fast, medium and slow; so perfect for any level of swimming. Keep in mind that when it has a Fast description, than swimmers are generally of Masters Level, and probably could all qualify for Kona easily; I stuck to the medium lane. Just remember and this goes for most pools, bring a lock.



Los Angeles has never been seen as the most bike-friendly city, but attempts are being made to improve this. But look beyond the inner city and you will see coastal and mountain routes that just beg to be cycled. The Malibu Coastal Route is beautiful rolling road where you can simply can cycle a never ending road whilst enjoying a stunning scenery. The Santa Monica Mountains and the Hollywood Hills are easily reachable with some great climbs, all which are challenging but manageable. And then of course we have Mount Wilson which rises to 6000ft above sea level, one of the highest point in the mountain range east of Los Angeles, and simply too beautiful to ignore for cycling. A perfect little climb to test any legs, however strong they might be.



With an average 266 sunshine days, a few days of clouds, and even less days of rain, there is no need for an expensive gym that can found at every corner. It feels like a support network for the health conscious Californian. But if you look beyond the gyms then Los Angeles is the perfect playground to go either running, hiking or even for a nice walk. My favorite is running in the Santa Monica’s Palisades Park. A perfect spot to join other like minded runners on a path that runs along Ocean Avenue and includes grassy areas, water stops and public restrooms. If you want you can either run a perfect 14km look along the coast and back, or a short 5km loop from Ocean Avenue end of the San Vicente Boulevard Road to the Santa Monica Pier.