Rapha Pro Team Bib Shorts

I have never been a fan of Rapha’s Classic Bibshorts, which were just a little to non-technical for my liking and did not fit right. Yet Rapha’s Pro Team Bib Shorts are a complete different ball game.

Their latest offering is their 2014 Pro Team bib short model, which is made out of a proprietary Lycra that is treated with coldblack technology. In short coldblack is a treatment to keep you cooler and it reflects UV rays. Something that is very practical if you are cycling all day in the sunshine. The ProTeam Bibshorts used the finest cytech chamois available that provides a high level of padding for all day riding with race-orientated fit, that makes me forget that I m wearing a set of bibshorts altogether. This included the bib straps that are simply very comfortable and barely noticeable. Rapha continues its understated styling with almost no logos or bright colors, with a simple black finish and with RAPHA emblazed in white on the left leg.

The RAPHA Pro Team bib shorts details on the inside and lack of details on the outside is its strength. I prefer understated bibshorts with it being perfect for any length of rides, and me not having felt uncomfortable on the saddle. They have a simple style and elegance, perfectly executed with a fantastic chamois and almost perfect fit.

Good enough for the Pros, so good enough for me.