Rapha Pro Team Thermal Bib Shorts

I for one prefer bib-shorts to full on tights any time of the day, simply for the reason they tend to be more comfortable and more versatile. This meant the Rapha Pro Team Thermal Bib Shorts are probably the one item I could not do without, even taking under consideration that most of the winter I cycle indoors and only rarely venture outside.

Rapha describes them as being suitable for high tempo winter training, and this is almost spot on, with them also being first choice on some of my endurance rides as well, albeit often in slightly warmer temperatures. Their temperature range can ben seen as being from -7 to +9 degrees Celsius, with myself having used them up to +15, due to their being a significant wind chill that day. Their versatility of temperature range and being able to match them with leg or knee warmers makes them come into their own especially when taking under consideration their cost at £170.

The shorts are comfortable for hours, and will get through late Autumn and early Spring training in a splendid way. You might still suffer on the bike, but then it be not down to the bib-shorts, but to your training.  The leg length of the bib-shorts are also on the positive side, with them being slightly longer than the majority of the bibshorts on the market, which gives a little more protection from the cold environment you might encounter.

The question it comes down to, apart from more details about the bibs construction and design, is the simple question of do they work and are they worth it.

The answer is a strong YES.