Running in Brussels, Belgium

Running in Brussels, Belgium is not as straight forward as one thinks, as it is a city that is steep in heritage with wide-open roads on one end but also with a maze of twisty streets easy to get lost in.

If your in Brussels for quick stopover and are looking for some easy running without a constant sat-nav, then heading to one of the few parks dotted around the city is the easiest option. But keep in mind your running ability, as Brussels is not flat city with significant amount of rolling hills. After all you do you want to get back to your starting point. If you do get lost, worry not, as most people in the city speak English and should point you in the right directions. I find that having the street name and area of where your staying on a piece of paper is always helpful, especially if the name is not easily pronounceable.

The most central park, is initially the Park Royal, which is just of Rue Royale and running time from Gare Central about 8mins. The park has a nice easy 1400m loop and is open 6am to 10pm in the summer, and in the winter from 7pm to 9pm. The next park is the Parc du Cinquantenaire that incorporate a nice 2.4km loop around, and you get to see the Big Mosque, the statue of the green dog and a few other worthy views. A great run would be to run from Gare Central to Park Royale and onwards along Rue de La Loi and a lap around Parc du Cinquantenaire and back to Gare Central. A loop of around 9km, or extend it by a few km by adding a few loops of either park. A map of this run is under the pictures.