Velobici Thermal Over Socks

I m what you call a Fairweather cyclist; somebody who dislikes rain and cold weather, and tend to only cycle in mild to warm temperatures. This is simply because I tend to suffer from the cold and have not yet found a way to keep warm on longer rides. Worst part is that I generally have cold feet, and that is even with deep winter socks, neoprene overshoes and oversocks.

So high hope was put into the Velobici Thermal Over Socks, a made in Britain product to ensure toasty toes all winter. They are designed specially to go over your socks and inside your shoes, and are made from triple layered performance fabric for excellent thermal insulation including being windproof, whilst being breathable and odour resistant.

A week of testing them in 3 degrees celcius was a slightly disappointing experience.  I did expect to feel some cold during the ride, but to me they created no difference in regards to my toes feeling warmer. After each 2hr ride my toes were cold, and feeling non-responsive to the touch, and that was whilst wearing deep winter socks with the Velobici Oversocks on top, cycling shoes and neoprene shoe covers.

I have heard of cyclists who have had great experiences with these Thermal Oversocks, but for me they simply do not work. This is of course partly down to me not cycling much in the cold wintry months, and subsequently not used to the cold. Maybe with time my body will adapt to winter cycling, but until then I will continue using indoor trainers, and when I do venture out, I most likely will not be wearing the Velobici Thermal Oversocks, but rely upon a Toe Heating Patch.