70.3 South Africa Preview

The IRONMAN 70.3 South Africa is located in East London, about an hour flight from Johannesburg and its course is known as the second hardest on the 70.3 circuit. It starts with 1.9km ocean swim, followed by a 90km rolling hill course, and ending with a 21.1km Run along the beach-front including 2 hill climbs. Sounds like a relative simple task, but this has to be taken into context that this will be my first proper 70.3 distance race, and it will be done in 25degrees Celsius & around 75% humidity levels. And it includes my least favorite part that is open water swimming.

The aim is simple; swim 30min, bike 2hr45min, run 1hr45min, and subsequently finish in around 5hr15min. My lead up to Race day was relatively spot on. I felt everything was right; I recovered enough, I ate okay, my travel arrangement to the race went fine, only one small hiccup with my bike arriving on the flight after me, but even this did not manage to upset me. I kept thinking it is just a race for my own entertainment.

My whole race strategy aim was to keep it simple. Nutrition every 30mins, and drink every 15mins. Don’t try and race anybody, just go your own pace and ignore everybody else. Simply no comparison, no judgments, and keep my race ego at home. Lets see how this works out. Afterall I have trained for this, and it should be like a walk in the park, with a little pain thrown in.