Welcome to Thystride

The aim is simple enough: Become an endurance athlete through dedication, hard work and clean living however difficult the path might become.

My journey started in the summer of 2010 on the back of two hip operations where for the following two years my partner and myself designed, launched, manage a new Sports Concept Store called Suka Sport in London; and subsequently closing it and relocating to Germany. I could come up with a list of reasons for why we closed; the hours, the stress, the lack of training time, the pressure on us. But in the end it came down to one thing. I wanted to practice what I had been preaching. Eat clean, train hard, live happy. Subsequently our move to a small city in Northern Germany meant that we could dedicate ourselves to our ethos.

It has been a year since our move to Germany and I have been able to dedicate myself to training, being healthy and living a life that feels more fulfilling than running my own Sports Store in London. Am I missing my prior life? Partly yes, and thus Thystride was created as a blog and review site to journal my path. Everything I blog about is led by my passion for the suffering and success that lies within the heart of any sport. Thystride is an experiment for me, a place that should bring it altogether and see where it will lead me.

For now until then, welcome to thystride and happy reading.