Year in Review

The year in review is suppose to be your moment of glory. The moment where you can describe your high and lows, what you have achieved, what you have failed, who supported you, and what you still want to achieve. For me it is a little more basic.

In 2013 I trained 666hrs, a massive improvement on my 2012 total of 213hours. This was divided into 556sessions with a average of 1½hrs of training per day. My swimming total for 2013 was 470km, a massive up from my 2012 total of 103km. I cycled 9576km, an up from 2191km in 2012, and I ran 2017km last year, an improvement on my 2012 total of 671km. It includes 5 successful races irrespective of time; a marathon, a half-marathon, two cycle races and one 70.3. Additionally it fails to include two DNS; an Ironman & an Olympic Triathlon.

This is the number achievement, yet the reality is that irrespective of how many km I put into training or how many races I have or have not done; the year 2013 has been one massive success. This is based simply at seeing how my life has evolved and what steps I have taken to become a more happy and fulfilled person. I have a new outlook on life, that incorporates health living & eating and the training and races is an added bonus.

I’ m healthier, happier, fitter and more content with my life than ever before, and this is something I m very proud of. I couldn’t have done it without the help of Yolanda, and my other friends and family who have supported me on this journey. 2014 is another step on my journey to living a fulfilled and happy life.